Advertising And Marketing Tools

We supply our affiliates with Flash trailer MGPs for all our episodes. Every week we update KC with 2 Flash MGPs, 1 for each site. These Flash movies are trailers we spend a considerable amount of time editing that are anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes long. We think these trailers will convert your traffic better then just your regular Flash MGPs that are made up of a consecutive chunk of a movie. But if consecutive Flash clips are what you are looking for we also supply 8, 30 sec clips, 2, 2 min clips and 1, 4 min clip of each episode every week for you to download.

Every week we update KC with new, high quality, hosted FGPs for our 2 sites. All gallery content is hosted on our servers so you don't have to pay a dime for the bandwidth. Grab your link codes and you're ready to go. Our goal when creating our FGPs is to give the surfer just enough to entice them to click-through to the tour. The FGPs are built to sell the surfer not to fully entertain, ensuring the best join ratio.

Feel free to make your own TGPs, MGPs and banners with our content. This is a good way to get your galleries posted on other people's TGP sites. We offer our affiliates hundreds of downloadable zip files to choose from for all our sites. We update this section with original content more than once a week but if that's still not enough, you can grab content right out of our members area. We do our best to accommodate whatever your marketing style requires.

Static banners, animated banners, standard sizes, odd sized, half-page, full page, skyscraper and even custom work for our affiliates. Whatever you're looking for we probably have, but if not, we'll make it for you for FREE! This is a forever growing section with new banners added constantly. Half page and full page ads are available for all the sites. These work well for use as pop-ups, pop-unders, exits and 404 pages.

We are more then happy to help any of our affiliates with custom marketing. We understand how important it is to have unique advertising tools. That is why we spend so much time adding to our KC downloadable section. You can download our trailers, photo sets, lots of different length and quality videos, etc. from every episode. If you need something we are not offering, simply and our team will help.

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